Our specialist Craftsman Workshop Watch Servicing:

Bring your Watch Repair to us at the Trafford Centre, we will examine it, and estimate the likely cost of the repair, and the completion date. If this is acceptable to you, we will issue our Ticket Receipt, and require payment or a deposit as commitment by you.

Your watch will be further inspected in our Trafford workshop facilities as per the example shown below. If our original estimate is found to be out, such as parts being found to need replacing, etc, we shall then telephone you with a firm quotation. This you may accept or decline and collect your Job 'Returned Undone', together with your payment.

Please be aware that whilst we can predict our own turn around time, on occasion, we may experience delays in sourcing replacement parts, which in turn might delay job completion.

(1) Note the dirty bezel, body, worn button, dull blurred glass. A quality watch, but looking tired.

(2) The watch back is removed from the case, the movement is removed, and observed for function.

(3) The parts are dismantled, and examined for wear and damage. Any new parts required and not in stock, are ordered, and the watch is stored in a Safe until the replacements arrive.

(4) All parts are thoroughly cleaned in the 3-stage ultrasonic cleaning machine. Parts are sub-assembled, lubricated, and rebuilt into the complete watch movement.

(5) The movement is calibrated on the electronic timing machine, left to run on test, and checked. The case is polished, and the movement re-fitted.

(6) Whilst the cleaned & lubricated movement is hidden, the Watch with the new button, new glass, polished watchcase, etc may be even further enhanced with a new strap, or Bracelet.

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